Sunday, June 7, 2009

Decision's been made.

Im sorry guys! recently had only 4,5 hours to sleep. So SPARE ME SOME TIME! currently buzy coaching VULCANZ and ZODIAC team. Now mindset have to focus on both team's routine for their cheer09 routine. Not to mention CHARM's commitment as well. So a quick update alright?

Basically Chee Wei, Alyna, Cheng Choo and me had been working on a perfect routine in choreography wise, dance, formation and stunts. After a deep analytic into the scoresheets, we've manage to pull out a champion routine. Took us hours of our sleep time just to view through youtubes, tons of youtubes. Next are song selection, we'd been spending days to figure out which song is best use for certain section. And finally we spend another night time editing the music with our DJ Eric Chee. So as time acumiliated, its equivalent to a month of sleepless night.

So here are some of my advice for my babies.

Both Vulcanz squad were doing great, just a little brush up before you can win champion title? =P work hard guys!

Zodiac squad, high likely will achieve their goal. 5th place right girls!? DO IT! like what Archuletta said, There can be miracle when you believe. Zodiac all boys, Jin Hau, you have shown a true captain's desire and you had remind me of my longlostself. I thank you for that.

And lastly to all CHARM member, Im really greatful for the position given. I wasn't ready at 1st when I receive the title. I was doubting my own capability. I did have the mindset of giving up this post as I think I'm not suitable for it. But Zodiac captain had inspired me with his captainship. It really reminds me the will that I had when I was a Vulcanz captain. Then I finally came to realization that I DID revive Vulcanz All boys from the fall. So if I can revive Vulcanz the legend boy team, I can REVIVE Charm All Star from the falls too.

So Stephanie, Yee Ming, Chee Wei,
I will guarantee from the bottom of my heart that I will revive Charm back for you guys.
You will see the revived CHARM, and even at a better level real soon. All I need is time.

I swear in the name of Charm's Co-captain.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sabah Trip

The Star happend to ask CHARM for members to fly down Kota Kinabalu & Kuching for a roadshow, in an agreement of fully paid trip + roadshow fee(Rm520 per person). And thus, the manager of this show had picked these lucky people for this 3days 2 night trip to Sabah and Sarawak.
CHARM's chilli padi - PricillaAwfully tired - Cheng ChooThe Diva - Eric Voong Fuhun
The unspoken - Hayden
Entirely Weirdly weird - Him
The Manager - Mag
Queen Latifa (Stephanie Thomas) and LL Cool Kang (ME)

So all of us woke up at 4.00am on 11th of May, we slept throughout the journey to LCCT. But after a coffee and breakfast, we are all ready to toss people around, sadly we've to wait until afternoon before we can arrive at Sabah for our roadshow.

2hours of journey from KL to Sabah and finally we're here!~!
The Star had provided us with two Organizer, Nelson and Kak Yati to escort us throughout the journey. They even provide us allowance! Sweet!~!
But i guess some of us are just too tired of waiting, oh well we're heading to one of our hotel in Sabah, Mercure!
After having a shock that we're staying overnight at this glamorous hotel lobby, we started to camwhore~~~
Surprisingly, the lobby was just an eye candy to us. Until we reached their hotel room......
0.0 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its freaking nice!
The shower room is so stylish and nice! Fuhun my roomie was soooo excited about it
Check out their plasma TV and Stereo Hifi~!!
Says Fuhun : "I wish my fubuu's here!!!", yea I wish for that too =P

We had our lunch at their hotel, and its totally free! thats the best part...So after having our lunch we packed and dress up and ready for our roadshow. Hmm, 3 shows in 1hr time....not as tiring as we thought, but the crowd was rather....different, compare to KL...their place wasn't as crowded as we thought. Oh well, time to have a day trip!!
Out of the blue, my memories on NS flashbacked into my head...The Cina gang in my NS moment, friends, and just recalled back. And thinking of the moment, i wish i can have a 2nd chance to be in my NS camp again with the same person...I miss them...
Their cloud looks the same..
The place where we used to sing Karaoke...and celebrated Sifut's birthday...
The 1st time where i visited their mall, its still the same...


Alright I shouldn't be emo right now, so back to my happy trip! We arrived at this port to have our dinner beside a beach!
And their view is freakin nice! especially the sunset.
So we had their most famous dish around, Lamb satay! my myself had already consumed up to 30 stay sticks already. And spences is all covered by The Star!
Satay Wolverine!
Fresh coconut that just plucked from the tree.
Bunch of satays @.@ @.@ @.@
And yea...we ...finished it! 5 star man~ So after a night of sleep, we visited their bazaar in the morning.

So much to buy...! yet so little time!!! sigh...Alright we will be departing to Sarawak in the TILL THE NEXT POST!

~J.K Of The Day~

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prom the Musical

Prom Musical In KL Pac! Previously was attending Chee Wei's Prom musical production. Him as the choreographer alongside with Cheng Choo had pull out a restage Prom musical choreographings that was held previously at Sri KDU. So I was invited to check out the musical at KL Pac. cost about rm48 per ticket though but still worth the price & support. The Men in black stripes is the choreographer Lim Chee Wei with Cheng Choo, the one with a vest on. The stage opened at 8.30pm and friends and family were invited at this day. So some of the CHARM member came and give their full out support.Yee Ming and Pris came all the way after coaching.As well as Kheen Ho and Li yen, Cheng Sim, Mag, Stephanie, Zi wen. And so the show is about to start. Please sit down and enjoy the show! And i personally love this picture...cause its just so lovely dovy~ Alyna! Ni Zhuo'm Mo!!
After cast. The cast was the most succesful among the previous days. According to Chee Wei that I was lucky to watch this show today. Truly I never regret, its a nice cast and definitely felt sorry for those who missed the show. The true purpose of Prom its not fighting for the title Prom King & Queen, but rather the friendship and relationship that you've been gathered trhoughout the year and celebrate it during Prom. But My favourite character play of all is Jackie. Love bitches!

Oh well now its time to stress CHARM's practise & coaching, 2 more months before Ausstralia competition and Cheer09!!!

Till the next post!

~J.K Of The Day~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Undang test

Its another step closer to "P"

Its the day for Undang test! Damn, studying really ain't my thing. To me, I would say studying laws are triple harder than getting a round-off backhandsrping double twist layout hurdle front handsrping front tuck hurdle round off full twisting triple whip susunova.

Morning went to BB gym and helped out Mr. Chong for coaching gymnastic. Boy kids are so easy to teach, all you need to do is be fierce and they'll listen to you. But some monsterous kids are just annoying, the rest are just like angels where they foresee you as BIG KOR KOR or Coach. Wooo suddenly felt so old and professional. EHEM* so after 2 hours of coaching in BB gym I head straight for my Undang test. The atmosphere inside was creepy and spooky. Cause there isn't much examiner and examinee. So the exam begins. 1st question, 2nd question and it goes on. Every single click of my answer pumps the adrenaline in my veins. Its like 50 grand decision to make before life and death appears in the end. CPL and KEJARA law came out and I was certain that my brain had only one answer "Fuck". Damn I just hate paper exams. As Im at question np.50, the next click is the final destination. Its like playing games in SAW movies, the click that determines life and death. "OK" or " Tidak, semak jawapan semula" is the only two option. The arrow automatically moves towards OK button, but after second thought, I still have 23minutes left, might as well double check...So here I go clicking "Tidak" and re-check every single question, so the cycle goes right round right round when you go down when you go down down~


after all elimination of all 50 posibility, and now its the final decision to choose, is it "OK" that determines the final decision? Or is it "TIDAK" that makes doubts in the decision made. Its a hard decision, but there's only one winner of choice for undang test......

Im sorry TIDAK you not the wise choice to be the top winner of choice for u
ndang test. Congratulations OK.. you are the winner for choice for Undang test Season 1 and you shall be grand with this grand prize and certification!

Certificates for Winner for Choice Of Undang test Season 1! grand prize, to be together with the best pemandu berhemat for all eternity.

OK i know Im crapping alot because it is all influenced by Paris Hilton's new show.

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Amali next morning so...Till The Next post!

~J.K Of The Day~